Reinventing Markets with Artificial Intelligence

Startups That Are Reinventing Markets with Artificial Intelligence

The technology has moved at a rapid speed in the past few decades and the world is experiencing a change in everything that is going around us. From businesses to consumers, everyone is now smarter as they have technology at their disposal to help them out in almost all areas of life. Artificial intelligence is plays a crucial role in bringing businesses and consumers together on platforms where they can understand each other’s needs and satisfy them in the most efficient manner.

According to a dissertation writing service, startups are benefiting immensely from artificial intelligence and technology as it is giving them a chance to target their consumers without wasting time or money on things that do not matter. Artificial intelligence has made it possible for established businesses to reinvent themselves and see what the new technology has for them. In addition to this, it is offering startups a chance to step into the market and compete with big giants who are already established and enjoying loyal customers and reviews.

With artificial intelligence or AI, business can deliver full automated customer support solutions, manage the in-house workflow better and provide a more trusted solution to help their customers regardless of the product or service that they are offering.  No matter what they are doing, AI brings in the added benefits of the technology to a business, ensuring it continues to thrive and enjoy a competitive edge over others.

How AI Has Changed The Market For Startups:

AI has brought an immense change in the way startups could step into the business world and introduce their products and services to the target consumers. It would not be wrong to say that there have been many startups that have reinvented markets with AI and it has played a significant role in the development and expansion of their operations.

Only using technology and jumping on the AI bandwagon is not the end; it is important to understand how it can contribute towards enhancing the operations, obtaining better results and increasing returns on investment in the run. It is necessary for startup business owners to understand why they must choose the best AI technologies that empower their business and make the most efficient decisions for their business.

It would not be wrong to say that now AI has moved from the lab to the workplace, and it is showing some profound implications for business and society that will make a big difference in the long run. This article discusses how some startups reinvented the market with artificial intelligence and how it affected they connected with consumers.

WhiteBox HR:

WhiteBox HR is a company that focuses on the human resources. The company has developed a talent acquisition and management software using ML algorithms. A UAE-based start-up, it has already received a lot of attention for offering robust analytics and AI support for the growth of the employees which in the long run also ensures the employer’s growth. They offer a bias free, predictive insight throughout the talent lifecycle with convincible data analysis and people science.

This startup has come forward with a goal to indulge and nurture gender equality inside the workplace. It uses AI very smartly; the system is strictly monitored by professionals and the decision to hire or invest in a new talent becomes much more transparent.


It is a South African based start-up that developed an AI solution for radiologists, named CheXRad. It has made the x-ray process more convincing by introducing AI powered technology which has brought a revolution it the healthcare sector. CheXRad works in a highly automated way. It analyses a chest radiograph against thousands other healthy scans to mark and locate the area of infection.

At least 15 diseases, including the COVID19 can be diagnosed with this AI solution giving doctors and radiologists a chance to sit back and relax while the machine does all the work. This machine has been tested for accuracy, specificity and sensitivity by experts and they have found it to be a great assistance when it comes to making medical diagnosis in the least amount of time. It would not be wrong to say that it is a very dependable solution for serving more patients that eliminates time restricts and other doubts regarding diagnosis.


Flirtini is a dating app that makes use of AI and machine learning to offer its users a chance to find the perfect match while guarding their privacy and sensitive information. It uses AI neural networks to filter fake accounts and inappropriate content. Most people are apprehensive of using dating apps as they are afraid of catfishing, financial scams and phasing but with AI, they can rest assured that they are getting a secure platform that will take care of things for them most efficiently.

Not only it is secure to use the AI power app but users can also look for good matchmaking ideas. Using the most updated art technology, the application identifies common facial features from users display pictures, saving time and efforts in finding an interesting candidate.

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Reekon is another application that has generated a lot of interested among users and become very popular for the benefits it offers to businesses. Backed by AI, it is a customer service automation platform and helps businesses address customer queries from all communication channels through an automated process.

Integrating Reekon with business processes can automate customer requested actions and tasks. It analyzes customer tickets from email, live chat, calls or any other social channels and generates the most appropriate answers and resolutions according to service database, previous interaction history, products and knowledgebase without requiring human intervention.

With help of artificial intelligence, startups have managed to change the dynamics of the game. Businesses just entering the market can make use of this means of technology to enhance their operation and connect with consumers in a much better way, offering them something more and better. Not only it is helping startup businesses think differently and approach the same thing from a better perspective but it is also improving customer engagement that gives them a chance to take their venture to a higher level.