Republic Day Speech

Things to Follow When Writing Republic Day Speech in English

Republic day and speech are two different words that have different meanings. Many nations celebrate their independence, constitution, and resolution days as republic days. Republic day is a national holiday day, and everyone enjoys it. The governments and private organisations hold ceremonies and conferences on this day. Special gatherings are also arranged at schools where students perform and do speeches. Basically, a speech on republic day is a republic day speech. Students express their views and thoughts on the topic. At the end of the ceremony, a special guest distributes awards among students. Thus, it’s a day to enjoy and cherish with friends and family.

Talking about speech on a republic day, it’s not something that every student can do. Behind a speech, there are many factors and things to consider. Today’s article by top dissertation proposal writing experts will describe all those things. Hence, a brief description is as follows.

How to Write Republic Day Speech

Set objectives

Setting objectives before doing anything is important. You want to perform a particular job, what’s your objective? When you are able to answer this question, the rest of things will become easy for you. A man earns and goes to work daily. What’s his purpose? His purpose is to earn for the betterment of his family. Therefore, everything starts with a definite objective or purpose. The same is the case with the republic day speech. The writer has to work on his objectives. It could be winning a prize, appreciation or anything.

The clarity is everything. A writer must be clear in his thoughts and objectives. Everything will become easy for him when he starts writing with crystal clear objectives in front. Therefore, having goals are crucial in winning the prize.

Know your audience

The audience plays an important role when writing a speech. On republic day, you may expect a political figure as chief guest of the ceremony. Therefore, everything you write and speak there should be authentic based on facts. A speech tailored for the right audience brings much more appraisal than a fancy speech that has nothing for the audience. As you know, every field and day has its own language and wording. Republic day comes the under the subject of the history of a country. Therefore, the wording and language should be in line with the audience.

In a republic day speech, the audience will love to hear about the country’s history. How the country has gained its freedom and the number of sacrifices. The audience won’t be attracted if you open the pandora box of the politicians of that time and explain their lives. It is something irrelevant. Thus, you should come up with historical research problems and only discuss things that come under the day’s theme. The audience will be happy this way and will praise you.

Tell a story

While writing, always try to tell a story. The audience of an event loves to hear a story based on reality and actual events. It actually keeps the audience stuck to you while speaking. Another beautiful addition can be theatrics or visuals. The visuals from Independence Day and other photographs can really raise the sentiment of your audience. With increased sentiment and attraction, you will surely win the prize.

Have you ever listened to TedTalks? The speakers there always practice this. They narrate the written story and ask their audience to imagine the scenarios. This speaking and imagining combination is very crucial in telling a story effectively. In a republic day speech, you can also add such things. Some camera visuals from the day of independence will really help you get the appraisal you are looking for.

Don’t waste the opening

Some people just come on the stage and waste the opening time. They can’t gather their thoughts, or maybe they have not written their speeches before speaking. Writing can help you overcome many problems that you may encounter while speaking. Speaking is not an easy task, and speaking in front of the whole school can be nerve breaking. Therefore, you need to write your speech well before and practice it.

Many people who haven’t delivered a speech before face such troubles. They waste too much time on the opening of the speech. While they try to get comfortable, the audience suffers. A republic day speech is not something that will take much time. Thus, you need to write and practise the speech before the actual event.

English mistakes

English is the international language adopted in all educational techniques. Most ceremonies around the world happen in the English language except in some countries like China, Russia etc. The representatives of these countries speak in their own languages. Well, the grammatical mistakes in a speech are not acceptable at all. In a republic day speech, when hundreds of students listen, a grammatical mistake can really make a difference. Therefore, it is important to take care of this.

The south Asian countries have their own languages. The students of these countries face a lot of trouble writing a speech in English. Thus, it is advisable to get your speech proofread by a friend or family member. It should not contain any tenses or grammatical errors.

Strong closing

Like the start, the end of your republic day speech should also be outstanding. Try to end your speech with a message or a positive note. Most of the time, the audience of an event forgets everything and remembers the closing remarks. A weak closing means nothing delivered. In the end, everyone in the hall will forget your good speech. Try to make the audience emotional at the end. It is necessary because people never forget the emotional side of every story. You can also play a recap of the visuals again in the end.


Speeches are difficult to deliver and write, particularly a republic day speech. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication before its delivery. The start and closing must be the strongest ones. By following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to develop a fine speech, for sure.