Do’s and Don’ts of homeschooling your child during the Lockdown

Homeschooling is a kind of education where children study under the guidance of their parents outside of a school environment. The family decides what is to be learned and how it is to be taught in that state or region while observing whatever government regulations apply.

Homeschooling is today a commonly recognized educational alternative to mainstream public or private schools, as well as a successful learning tool of its own.

Coursework writing service UK described some of the followings important do’s and don’ts of homeschooling during a lockdown:

  • Do’s of Homeschooling

  • Do Fancy Homeschooling

It’s all right to talk a little bit to your children about homeschooling. From books to television shows all assume that every kid goes to a typical school. It’s all right to teach your baby, too, that home school can be very good. Search for kids home-schooled books. (There are) Go on fun field trips. Take off while children at the school are in public school.

  • Make Learning Fun

It is not your job as a parent or teacher to put your children on a circus act. You don’t have to try to make it all fun. However, putting out an attempt to make learning enjoyable and hands-on where possible is fine.

Getting children actively involved, enjoying what they are studying and doing, lets them retain more of the knowledge they take in each day. Think of some of the most unforgettable lessons you’ve ever learned. How dedicated have you been to the process? What was it that made the lesson memorable? Is it something you had an interest in? Would you take an active part in the learning process? Seek to provide your children with these types of opportunities.

  • Take Time

It’s worth repeating. Homeschooling’s first year is a transition phase for everyone if you’re teaching a child that’s been in public school for a couple of years or you’re doing structured learning for the first time for your child that’s always been home.

You may have a dramatically different mental picture of homeschooling and your reality. It took us almost four years to finally feel like we find our rhythm with homeschooling-and from time to time we still lose it. It’s all right if it takes you a while to feel like you have worked out this home-schooling thing. You are not alone in this. You are going to get in there.

  • Dont’s of Homeschooling

  • Don’t Fear Experimenting

Do not fear experimentation. Finding the design, schedule and/or curriculum that works for you and your kids that take you a while. To try to change things up doesn’t accept disappointment. This is about knowing that your first effort may not have been your family’s best decision. Switch stuff up. Adjust your plan. Grab your moment. Often when you’re doing something you’ve never done before it takes some experimenting to find out what works best.

  • Don’t Worry About Getting Messy

Don’t think about getting dirty! We’re just kidding around. I used to be a teacher in the school and you know what? School teachers to screw up! Don’t think you can’t do a job as well as a school teacher, because you can! Even the best teacher in school doesn’t have one advantage you have. You are teaching your own kids, and you are far more worried about the result than even the best teacher in the school could be.

  • Don’t Stress

Do not feel like you’re going to have to do education the way they do at public or private schools. Yes, when we go home school, we have interruptions. Events just don’t go as expected. Occasionally, we don’t finish every single day with every topic. But who knows what? When our kids grow up, get married, have their own jobs and families, they face interruptions and failures just as we do now. It’s perfect. They should learn how to deal with it as adults because as children we have taught them how to do it. Do not think about interruptions, then! Find it to be real-life training–because it is.

  • Don’t Try To Copy Others

Don’t knock the look of another one. Don’t judge anyone else’s homeschool style because you never know when it’s going to become your style. All have a time and a season. Your homeschool will evolve and grow with the help of Google Classroom as you and your family goes through various stages of life.