Scientists Invent New Technology to Print Invisible Messages

Print Invisible Messages

There are some passwords and key concepts that most people don’t like to show everyone. The only way to hide these passwords and key concepts is to print these messages in an invisible manner. For this reason, people are using lots of techniques like they can make invisible ink with the help of lemon juice, they can also make invisible ink with the help of baking soda and they are also using milk in preparing invisible ink. Nowadays, scientists have invented new technology to print invisible messages. By knowing about this technology, you will forget other ways to print invisible messages.


Now, you should forget about the preparation of lemon juice and other conventional techniques to prepare invisible ink because scientists have invented a new way to read and write invisible messages. The most important quality of this technology is that you can use this ink and paper again and again. According to an expert of a dissertation writing service, the credit to this invention goes to a Chinese researcher. In order to encrypt the secret information and reuse the paper, again and again, he has explained all the process in three steps;

  1. First of all, you should have to prepare the paper to write an invisible message. You should try to prepare such paper with the help of chemicals that has the quality to absorb and emit light. This paper should also be coated with manganese. After preparing this kind of paper, you can easily print messages on this paper with the help of water and inkjet printer.
  2. Secondly, you have to read the printed messages. When you use water and inkjet printer to print the invisible messages on this special paper, they will disturb the main structure of the chemical on paper. We will not be able to see this disturbance with the help of the necked eye. Therefore, this message will be invisible to us. In order to read this invisible message, we have to use short wavelength UV-light. When short-wavelength UV-light falls on that paper, it will show us an invisible message that was printed on it.
  3. Thirdly, we try to know how to reuse this paper to print another invisible message. As we have discussed earlier that the most important benefit of this technique is that we can reuse this paper for various times. Scientists have claimed that you can easily reuse this paper for the purpose of printing invisible messages at least 30 times. In order to remove the printed message, you just need to heat this paper. For heating process, you should use a hairdryer. When you heat it under a hairdryer, printed invisible message will disappear.


No doubt, this is an era of digital communication and to secure data with the help of digital communication is more sophisticated but we can’t deny the importance of hard form messages. Its reason is that the world is facing a problem of data leakage and most of the data is leaked in digital form rather than hard form. Its reason is that hackers can easily get access to digital data rather than hard form data. That’s why we can say that paper is still one of the most important widespread media to store essential information.