Dissertation Writing Schedule That You Can Follow For An A Grade Dissertation

Writing a complete dissertation on time is not possible without proper time management. Although, writing a high-quality dissertation can improve your grades, yet, submit your dissertation on time is also indispensable to gain good grades. If you want to write A Grade dissertation, you need to develop a superior writing schedule. As we know that writing is a creative fun and art, but producing high-quality writing requires regularity and punctuality. Students who want to gain success in life, they should make routine work in your life.

What Is a Dissertation?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, “a long piece of writing on a particular subject, written by a student to receive a degree at college or university”. The process of dissertation writing contains a lot of problem without a good timetable. If you will conduct poor project planning then the success seems very far.

Organize Your Time

  • Don’t be discouraged at the start of your process, indeed, take priorities to dissertation writing
  • Set obvious goals and start work on researching
  • Allow a big amount of time to get feedback from your supervisor
  • Leave time for editing and proofreading
  • Format according to the rules of the university
  • Work on a daily basis
  • Be organized in your dissertation writing
  • Limit your all social activities and give time to dissertation writing
  • Create a list of dissertation chapter writing

How to write A Grade Dissertation?

Think about your goals

Do some brainstorming, seek help to your supervisor and consult with your friends about some useful ideas. Before to start your writing process, you need to choose an outstanding title and explain your main concepts. If you are facing any problem with your writing, you should find a solid solution.

Make a Plan of Your Work

Making effective plans never hurts, so schedule your time. Working without proper time is useless and you cannot gain success in life without proper planning, so stick to your proper planning and face all circumstances. Avoid being excuses in your life, and don’t delay your daily goals.

Organize your research and sources

In dissertation writing, the most difficult task is to collect good data and research; on the other hand, it takes a lot of time. So, manage your research time very wisely. Spend a couple of hours on a regular basis in order to write a high-quality dissertation. Taking breaks during working will improve your quality of writing. So, make a good schedule and write your dissertation very carefully. Search information to the libraries, books and internet. Use these sources for organizing and collecting high-quality material for your dissertation.

Turn off all the distraction

Decide a writing goal, for example, you are writing 10,000 words dissertation in 2 weeks, you need to set 700 words per day. For achieving your goal, you should turn off all the distraction that can disturb you during the time of writing. You should concentrate on your dissertation writing. Avoid becoming a multitasked, in this way; you will not focus on your writing. Set word limit of each day in order to be relaxed and stress-free. Make realistic plans and try to focus to achieve all your goals.

Follow the Structure of Dissertation Writing

In order to create the best piece of writing, you need to get proper information about it. So you should keep in mind what is the basic structure of dissertation writing.

  1. Title page – in the title page, write your name, the name of your supervisor and date. Write your title page in 2 days with proper management.
  2. Abstract- in the section provides a short summary of your dissertation. highlight your main purpose of writing
  3. Acknowledgement – pay special thanks to the person, friends and teachers who are helping you in completing your intimidating task. Dedicate some nice comments to all the people who are helpful for you.
  4. Table of contents – write the chapters and section with the numbers of pages
  5. Table of figures – write the table of figures if needed
  6. Introduction- introduction is a presentation that gives a brief outline of your dissertation. so, write your introduction in powerful words and don’t make any mistake in this section
  7. The main body – provide your evidence in the main body and analysis your research is useful of not. You can discuss problems that you are facing in the process of writing.
  8. Conclusion- highlights your entire main points in the conclusion section, keep in mind that you need to bring everything together in order to summarize your dissertation. Instead of that, you should make some recommendation.
  9. Bibliography- discusses all the sources that you have used in the data collection. You should discuss your method of writing.
  10. Literature review – finds gaps in your writing and tries to handle it.
  11. Appendices – give a brief detail of all the information that you have included in the main text.
  12. Proofread and edit- this process is included in the dissertation structure, make sure that your dissertation structure is the logical and correct form.

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