Dangerous Online Apps

Dangerous Online Apps And Games Students Must Avoid

Remember when you were a kid; you spent your most of time playing paper or hardboard games. There were games like ludo, carom board, hide & seek or just simply climbing trees. You used to just cycle and run around freely. Your parents were free from worrying about your internet exposure. But parenting in this century is quite hard. It is not simple like it was before. Now, the just of the internet is inevitable. It is difficult to save your kid from it. It can also help in parenting like teaching your kid essential skills or rhymes at an early age. But it can also hurt your child if you fail to keep a check on him/her while using the internet. Using technology is both harmful and beneficial. But you can control the screen time or the content your kids watch. There are some dangerous apps and games available just one touch away now. Experts of an assignment writing service firm have compiled a few dangerous online apps and games students must avoid:


Blue Whale:

This has been the most dangerous game in recent times. If you are connected with the news you must have known about it. This is a kind of suicidal online game. It was set up by a Russian who was then arrested for harming teenagers due to this game. This is not an app but a social media group of administrators. They give different tasks to complete. The level of the tasks becomes harder as you go up further. They give bizarre tasks like waking up in the middle of the night, watching horror films for long hours, harming or torturing you by blades or knives, and making the blue whale symbols with broken glass or blades. The levels of the tasks even go up to the suicidal task. If you go on completing tasks then the last task would be committing suicide. Many committed suicide by killing themselves in a torturous way like jumping off high roofs etc. Students who are already depressed or victims of anxiety can easily fall prey to these activities. This online gaming challenge has taken the lives of a lot of students, particularly in Russia. 

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Everyone who has a smartphone must be aware of this app. This app was developed in 2011. It was launched in 2012. It was easily the most downloaded app in early 2013. No wonder it became so popular it has millions of users around the Globe. It is considered a very safe app used by many but it has its fair share of issues or threats. Snapchat allows users to send short videos or pictures which disappear later. If you put a story on your feed it will automatically disappear after 24 hours. But the major concern is snaps sent in private. These snaps once opened do not exist anymore. Due to this feature, it is difficult for parents to keep an eye on the content their kids are sending or receiving. It also fosters cyber bullying, sexting, and many other crimes. Because there will be no proof for trial. The snaps fully disappear is the claimed only by the app but the truth is online data can never be disappeared. They are stored somewhere somehow. It also tracks your location which makes it to the list of the dangerous online app.



TikTok is the most popular video-sharing app today. It has even more than 500 million users. The app was once called “Musical.ly”. It has now become popular with celebrities to make their online presence stronger. Now what worrisome part about this app is it has no specific age limit, anyone at any age can download and use it. It has plenty of inappropriate online content that comes to students unfiltered. People become highly involved in this to showcase their talent. They run after likes and views. This way they can get involved in dangerous tasks. Inappropriate language use is common in TikTok. There is a lot of explicit content found on TikTok. Many people do weird things like falling in the river or jumping off a high building to get more views. It has also hurt a lot of people not only mentally but physically to date. Students should stay away from this app at least till a suitable age. 

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PUBG is a very popular battle game. It is a multi-player online game. It has come under fire from time to time for its violent impacts. Students get addicted to it. As it has violent content it can affect the mental health of young people. Violence can stimulate extreme or violent thoughts in students. They can become violent even in real life. It dies not only takes a toll on mental health but student life too. Students become too addicted to it that they neglect their studies. Many players have confessed that they cannot stop playing it even if they want. Students should stay away from this.